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Three Birds Wellness Physical Therapy is about a therapeutic alliance between PT and patient. We are here to advocate for you, empower you through education and connect you to the best resources you need for your health. The foundation of your treatment starts with a thorough evaluation where a Doctor of Physical Therapy engages in differential diagnosis to help determine the root of your dysfunction. Your PT will review your medical history, any images provided, your doctor’s notes if applicable, and start off with an informed idea of what brought you through the door. Several minutes are dedicated to getting to know you, your goals, your pains and how you desire to engage in movement. After the initial evaluation, your PT will write a Plan of Care with goals that correlate to your function and daily life. This plan ranges from a duration of 1-3x/week for 4-12 weeks depending on your goals and the chronicity of the problem area being addressed. Additionally, one of the strengths of your PT is the ability to advocate for you with other healthcare professionals. Though we do not order imaging ourselves, we can send detailed updates about your health to your Primary Care Physician making qualified recommendations for your comprehensive healthcare needs.

There are several diagnoses which are most common, but if you do not see yours here please reach out to us so we can confirm if we are able to help.

  • Chronic pain: low back pain, radiculopathy (sciatica), shoulder impingement, rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, whiplash, temporomandibular pain
  • Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis or Posture related issues
  • Post and/or Pre Operative care
  • Fall prevention
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Workman’s Compensation for return to job related tasks after an injury
  • Running related injuries: patellofemoral syndrome, achilles tendonitis, hamstring strains
  • Postpartum corrective exercises for posture, return to fitness

Modalities and Interventions your skilled Therapist may utilize

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Interferential electrical stimulation with moist heat for muscle relaxation
  • Russian electrical stimulation to attenuate muscle loss or improve activation
  • Ultrasound to stimulate tissue healing
  • Soft tissue massage through effleurage, cupping, pin and stretch, chair massage
  • Therapeutic Exercise: exercises targeted at correcting your dysfunction
  • Therapeutic Activities: daily life such as walking, reaching, various forms of movement
  • Neuromuscular re-education: connecting your brain to individual muscles
  • Gait training: use of stand by assist and balance aids to decrease fall risk
  • Kinesiotaping for posture, lymphatics, pain or proprioception
  • Leuko tape: strong tape to stabilize joints & bones for support and pain relief
  • Posture drills & breathing exercises for alignment and longevity
  • Customizable shoe inserts that are heat moldable to promote proper foot alignment
  • Targeted stretching, yoga sequencing for longevity and spine mobility
  • Home Exercise prescription for your ongoing strength and function